Get the expertise, resources, and ongoing support you need to optimize your marketing efforts and achieve tangible results.

Supercharge Your Marketing Mojo with 6 Months of Expert Support with Your Sidekick, Me!

Imagine if you no longer had to agonize over where to start or what to focus on when it comes to your marketing strategies. Picture yourself confidently making decisions, armed with the latest trends and best practices, knowing that every dollar you spend is being utilized efficiently and effectively. With the 6-Month Consulting Package, you can transform your marketing efforts and reach new heights of success.

Let's embark on this coaching journey together and make your dream life a reality through effective marketing strategies.

  1. Guided 1-Hour Calls: Enjoy six 1-hour calls every month with me as your trusted guide and marketing guru. We'll dive deep into your marketing strategies, address challenges, and explore opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Gain valuable insights and actionable advice tailored specifically to your business, boosting your marketing effectiveness and driving growth.
  2. 20-Minute Optional Check-In Calls: Stay on track with one 20-minute check-in call each month. We'll quickly touch base, address any urgent questions or concerns, and ensure your marketing efforts are aligned with your objectives.
  3. As your dedicated marketing resource, I'll keep you informed about the latest trends, tools, and best practices in the industry. You'll always be one step ahead of your competitors, enhancing your marketing strategies with fresh ideas.
  4. Consider me your marketing partner, available to answer any questions or concerns you might have during our six-month journey together. I'll be with you every step of the way, offering guidance, expertise, and encouragement.

Our consulting sessions are tailored to your specific needs, bandwidth, and budget. We can brainstorm and plan content ideas, develop cross-channel communication concepts, sketch out an influencer campaign, and walk through best practices. We'll also cover benchmarking and understanding how to evaluate results.

Prior to our appointment, you'll fill out an intake questionnaire to help us maximize our time together.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Book my 6-Pack consulting package.